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Lubbock Real Estate Inspection-

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Our professional home inspectors have a complete check on your house and educate you about all the defects in your home and they also provide you with a professional home inspection report.

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the home part by part and tells you the actual condition of the home.

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Check List You Can Follow 


Our professional home Inspectors inspect the exterior parts too which includes the driveway, patio, deck and any retaining walls. The exterior facade of the house whether it is brick, stucco, clapboard, vinyl or wood needs its condition noted, including the trim. 

Windows And Doors:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the windows and doors as they make you update about the condition about the wood. These parts are repaired or new or not in good condition and many other information what you ask.


Our professional home Inspectors inspect the electrical service to the house, as well as the amperes, voltage and the number of circuits. Assess the number of electrical outlets and whether they are three prong or two-prong outlets.

They also count the light fixtures to assess the installed lighting in the house.

Water Supply:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect whether the home has a private well or municipal water. If the home has a private well, assess the pressure tank. Note the house’s water pressure also.


Our professional home Inspectors inspect the water supply pipes and note whether they are brass, copper, plastic or steel pipes. Check the vent pipes as well, noting the materials of these pipes.

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Heating System:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the heating system, noting the type of system, the system fuel and the condition of the system. If the house has an oil tank, note its location.

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the house duct system and whether the duct system has adequate installation. Note the heat source and its condition.

 Chimney Inspection:

If the house has fireplaces, note their condition. 

Air Conditioner:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect that what type of air conditioning is present in the house and what is its condition.


Our professional home Inspectors inspect If your basement is finished, inspect once it rains. It’s tougher to discover cracks and leaks in a finished basement as a result of the walls and floor are coated.

Once it rains, check for wet spots within the carpet, particularly within the corners of your basement. Additionally provide your walls a sniff periodically.

If you discover a musty smell, you will have mildew behind your walls. If you believe a bigger drawback, call an expert to inspect about the problems.

The inspection list giving you the information about the importance of the inspection. And you can suppose now what are the benefits can give you a home inspectionLubbock Real Estate Inspection

Lubbock Real Estate Inspec

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Lubbock Property Inspectors-

Lubbock Property Inspectors

If you are buying a home in a big price , you should have a home inspection which will inform you about the real price of the home.

Home inspections can vary depending on the size and the type of the home you are buying.

Lubbock Property Inspectors

If you are buying a big old house then it could probably require an additional specialized inspection than a small checkup. However, the following are some parts of the things which are inspected in a home inspection.


A home’s skeleton is a much important thing in a home as it inform you that how will your home face the weather, gravity, and therefore the earth. The structural part must be inspected to avoid the financial and emotional probems.Lubbock Property Inspectors


Our professional home inspectors have a look on sidewalks, driveways, steps, windows, and doors. A home’s siding, trim, and surface evacuations are also a part of an exterior inspection.

Doors And Windows:

Our professional home inspector tells you about the condition of the windows and doors that if they are new, used, replaced or repaired.

And tells you about the conditions, stucco, vinyl, wood, etc.

Driveways And Sidewalks:

This category includes attached porches, decks, and balconies.


Our professional home inspectors tell us about the condition of the roof as a roof protects you from rain, snow, and different forces of nature.  They keep an eye on the roofs age, conditions of flashing, roof exhausting systems pooling water, buckled shingles, loose gutters and downspouts, skylight, and chimneys.


Our professional home inspectors have a look on the installation and evacuation systems, water heating instrumentality, and fuel storage systems. Evacuation pumps and sump pumps conjointly be this class. Poor water pressure, banging pipes, rust spots, or corrosion will indicate issues.

Lubbock Property Inspectors


Our professional home inspectors have a look on the electrical systems of the home. They Inspect for the condition of entry wires, service panels, breakers and fuses, and disconnects. Conjointly note of the quantity of outlets in every space.


Our professional home inspectors have a look on home’s utility, vent system, flues, and chimneys. Look for age of warmer, whether or not the scale is adequate for the house, speed of recovery, and energy rating.

Air Conditioning:

Our professional home inspector describes your home’s cooling system, its energy supply and examine the central and through-wall cooling equipment. They have a check on the age and the rating of the systems.


An inspection of the within of the house will reveal plumbing leaks, insect injury, rot, construction defects, and different problems.

An inspector should take an in depth look at:

Walls, ceilings and floors

Steps, stairways, and railings

Counter tops and cupboards

Garage doors and garage door systems

Ventilation And Insulation:

Our professional home inspectors have a check for adequate insulation and ventilation within the attic and in unfinished areas like crawlspaces to prevent energy loss. Conjointly look for correct, secured insulation in walls. Insulation should be acceptable for the climate. Excess wetness within the home will result in mold and water injury.


Our professional home inspectors have a check on the fire places as they’re charming, however they may be dangerous if not properly put in. Inspectors should examine the system, together with the vent and flue, and describe solid fuel burning appliances. Lubbock Property Inspectors

Lubbock Property Inspectors

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Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX-

Home Inspection Services

Home inspection is a process to keep your investment saves. If you discover a house that appears like its potentialities do your own initial home inspection, within and out, before creating an offer.

Your intention now’s to be alert for obvious deficiencies. Forward you are not looking for a fixer upper, too several of those could also be a reason to eliminate this house from any consideration.

Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX

Inspection List:


Inspect the bottom of the walls and also the ceilings in every area. Are there obvious cracks or apparent shifts within the foundation? Do an equivalent the same outside. Are there any trees encroaching on the foundation. Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX


what’s the condition? Once was it last replaced?  Are there any trees trespassing on it?


Will the house appear as if it’ll want repairs or repainting soon? Are gutters and downspouts firmly attached? Are there loose boards or supporting wires? Is there asbestos within the exterior material, which might need more prices if it required be repairing or replacing?


However will the inside of the roof structure look? Are there any signs of leaks?

Interior Proof Of leaks:

Check ceilings and around windows in every area.

Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX


Is there dampness?  Adequate insulation ?  If there is a space rather than a basement you may need to leave this for the skilled home inspection.


Do the switches work? are there any obvious malfunctions? Have the shops been grounded? Is that the panel updated and expandable for extra appliances or a possible remodel?


Any uncommon noises ? Has the main been scoped to inspect for potential cracks?


If these are enclosed, what’s the age and condition of the stove, dishwasher or refrigerator?

Heating And Cooling System:

Will it appear to try and do the job? However recent is that the furnace? If the system has been converted, are the recent systems or tanks still in place?


Is there associate odor within the house? Are you able to discover what it’d be and whether or not it may well be fixed? Watch out for musty odors that might signal a wet basement. Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX

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