Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX


Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX-

Home Inspection Services

Home inspection is a process to keep your investment saves. If you discover a house that appears like its potentialities do your own initial home inspection, within and out, before creating an offer.

Your intention now’s to be alert for obvious deficiencies. Forward you are not looking for a fixer upper, too several of those could also be a reason to eliminate this house from any consideration.

Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX

Inspection List:


Inspect the bottom of the walls and also the ceilings in every area. Are there obvious cracks or apparent shifts within the foundation? Do an equivalent the same outside. Are there any trees encroaching on the foundation. Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX


what’s the condition? Once was it last replaced?  Are there any trees trespassing on it?


Will the house appear as if it’ll want repairs or repainting soon? Are gutters and downspouts firmly attached? Are there loose boards or supporting wires? Is there asbestos within the exterior material, which might need more prices if it required be repairing or replacing?


However will the inside of the roof structure look? Are there any signs of leaks?

Interior Proof Of leaks:

Check ceilings and around windows in every area.

Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX


Is there dampness?  Adequate insulation ?  If there is a space rather than a basement you may need to leave this for the skilled home inspection.


Do the switches work? are there any obvious malfunctions? Have the shops been grounded? Is that the panel updated and expandable for extra appliances or a possible remodel?


Any uncommon noises ? Has the main been scoped to inspect for potential cracks?


If these are enclosed, what’s the age and condition of the stove, dishwasher or refrigerator?

Heating And Cooling System:

Will it appear to try and do the job? However recent is that the furnace? If the system has been converted, are the recent systems or tanks still in place?


Is there associate odor within the house? Are you able to discover what it’d be and whether or not it may well be fixed? Watch out for musty odors that might signal a wet basement. Home Inspections Services Lubbock TX

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