Lubbock Home Inspection Service


Lubbock Home Inspection Service-

Across The Board Home Inspections has been serving you all over the Lubbock TX by providing you the effective services of home inspections. We inspect your home from top to bottom and give you the exact information that you need to make a confident decision regarding the final purchase. Our home inspectors help you in understanding about what you’re going to purchase and give you a satisfaction that you will never face any kind of surprise issue with your dream home. We reduce your risks and confusions by give you a clear view of your home’s condition and structure.

Lubbock Home Inspection Service

Why Home Inspections Are Necessary?

Buying a new home in Lubbock TX demands your biggest amount of money so you should know about each and everything of your desired home. Be clear, every home have some defects and flaws in its components and structures which can cause a serious issues with the passage of time. A home inspection is about the overall visual inspection of a home to expose all of defects in front of you just before the final agreement. A home inspector examine your home from its all aspects and give you the complete information.

Lubbock Home Inspection Service

Phases Of A Home Inspection:

At Across The Board Home Inspections, we inspect more than 200 components of home in three phases of inspections. In first phase, your home inspected for its exteriors components like walls, garages, basements, lawns, balconies etc.

After inspecting the exteriors, home inspection moves to its seconds phase in which your home is inspected for structural systems like roofing system, electrical system, plumbing system etc. We check all appliances of to expose their working state and condition like door locks and hydrants. In third and last phase you are explained about each and everything of our findings in the form of home inspection report.

Lubbock Home Inspection Service

Home Inspection Reports:
A home inspection report is a precise documentation of all findings of home inspection in which you’re informed about the items in need of repair and the safety issues.

About Our Home Inspectors:

At Across The Board Home Inspections, we have professional home inspectors who inspect your home from roof to basement and help you in evaluating the cost estimates of defected components. They give you their valuable opinions for maintaining your home in good condition. It’s our primary goal to give you the best Lubbock Home Inspection Service in a professional way that you really deserve. We provide you the opportunity to be follow our home inspector during the inspection to get the answers of your questions and concerns that you may have in your mind. We don’t consider a home inspection complete until you are not totally satisfied about the home purchase.

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If You Have Any Questions About Our Services Or If You Have Questions About A Home Inspection Report Please Call Us At 806-548-3818 Or Fill The Following Form And We Will Get Back To You Sooner. Thank You!

Across The Board Home Inspections

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