Lubbock Home Inspection


If you are looking for Lubbock Home Inspection contact at Across The Board Home Inspections for skilled and licensed home inspectors. Across The Board Home Inspections understands that buying a home is a big investment that’s why we are here to providing you home inspection services. A home inspection service can less your purchased stress, and reduce your risk.

Lubbock Home Inspection

Today home inspection becomes an important part of home buying process. Inspection of your desired home save you from both financial loses and safety issues. Home inspection a inspection of all components which are exist in a home.

Our Home Inspection Service In Lubbock TX

Across The Board Home Inspections provides the best home inspection services in Lubbock TX. Our extremely trained and professional home inspectors inspect your home’s each and every component from nook to cranny. They inspect your home’s exteriors such as lawns, balconies, garages, walls and many other components.

Our home inspectors inspect your home’s interiors such as plumbing system, electrical system, doors, bathrooms, kitchens, cooling system, ventilation system, water heater, floors and many other components. After the completion of inspection of interiors and exteriors they inspect your home for its top such as roof age, draining system, roof’s structural stability to ensure the safety issues that might be a serious problem for you and your family.

Home Inspection Reports:
Home inspectors at Across The Board Home Inspections thoroughly inspect your home and prepare comprehensive easy to understand home inspection report, that helps you in understanding exactly what you are going to buy.

Lubbock Home Inspection

At Across The Board Home Inspections our home inspectors educate you about the condition of your home and help you in making a fair and confident decision. They are very passionate to serve you by providing the valuable information.

Home inspection gives you many benefits such as, home inspection significantly reduce your stress in making a final decision. As home inspection expose all the things just before the signing the agreement, a buyer can ask seller for repair of items or reduction in cost. If there are serious issues in home, then buyer can back-off the decision of buying such a home.

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