Lubbock Property Inspectors


Lubbock Property Inspectors-

Lubbock Property Inspectors

If you are buying a home in a big price , you should have a home inspection which will inform you about the real price of the home.

Home inspections can vary depending on the size and the type of the home you are buying.

Lubbock Property Inspectors

If you are buying a big old house then it could probably require an additional specialized inspection than a small checkup. However, the following are some parts of the things which are inspected in a home inspection.


A home’s skeleton is a much important thing in a home as it inform you that how will your home face the weather, gravity, and therefore the earth. The structural part must be inspected to avoid the financial and emotional probems.Lubbock Property Inspectors


Our professional home inspectors have a look on sidewalks, driveways, steps, windows, and doors. A home’s siding, trim, and surface evacuations are also a part of an exterior inspection.

Doors And Windows:

Our professional home inspector tells you about the condition of the windows and doors that if they are new, used, replaced or repaired.

And tells you about the conditions, stucco, vinyl, wood, etc.

Driveways And Sidewalks:

This category includes attached porches, decks, and balconies.


Our professional home inspectors tell us about the condition of the roof as a roof protects you from rain, snow, and different forces of nature.  They keep an eye on the roofs age, conditions of flashing, roof exhausting systems pooling water, buckled shingles, loose gutters and downspouts, skylight, and chimneys.


Our professional home inspectors have a look on the installation and evacuation systems, water heating instrumentality, and fuel storage systems. Evacuation pumps and sump pumps conjointly be this class. Poor water pressure, banging pipes, rust spots, or corrosion will indicate issues.

Lubbock Property Inspectors


Our professional home inspectors have a look on the electrical systems of the home. They Inspect for the condition of entry wires, service panels, breakers and fuses, and disconnects. Conjointly note of the quantity of outlets in every space.


Our professional home inspectors have a look on home’s utility, vent system, flues, and chimneys. Look for age of warmer, whether or not the scale is adequate for the house, speed of recovery, and energy rating.

Air Conditioning:

Our professional home inspector describes your home’s cooling system, its energy supply and examine the central and through-wall cooling equipment. They have a check on the age and the rating of the systems.


An inspection of the within of the house will reveal plumbing leaks, insect injury, rot, construction defects, and different problems.

An inspector should take an in depth look at:

Walls, ceilings and floors

Steps, stairways, and railings

Counter tops and cupboards

Garage doors and garage door systems

Ventilation And Insulation:

Our professional home inspectors have a check for adequate insulation and ventilation within the attic and in unfinished areas like crawlspaces to prevent energy loss. Conjointly look for correct, secured insulation in walls. Insulation should be acceptable for the climate. Excess wetness within the home will result in mold and water injury.


Our professional home inspectors have a check on the fire places as they’re charming, however they may be dangerous if not properly put in. Inspectors should examine the system, together with the vent and flue, and describe solid fuel burning appliances. Lubbock Property Inspectors

Lubbock Property Inspectors

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