Lubbock Real Estate Inspection


Lubbock Real Estate Inspection-

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Our professional home inspectors have a complete check on your house and educate you about all the defects in your home and they also provide you with a professional home inspection report.

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the home part by part and tells you the actual condition of the home.

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Check List You Can Follow 


Our professional home Inspectors inspect the exterior parts too which includes the driveway, patio, deck and any retaining walls. The exterior facade of the house whether it is brick, stucco, clapboard, vinyl or wood needs its condition noted, including the trim. 

Windows And Doors:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the windows and doors as they make you update about the condition about the wood. These parts are repaired or new or not in good condition and many other information what you ask.


Our professional home Inspectors inspect the electrical service to the house, as well as the amperes, voltage and the number of circuits. Assess the number of electrical outlets and whether they are three prong or two-prong outlets.

They also count the light fixtures to assess the installed lighting in the house.

Water Supply:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect whether the home has a private well or municipal water. If the home has a private well, assess the pressure tank. Note the house’s water pressure also.


Our professional home Inspectors inspect the water supply pipes and note whether they are brass, copper, plastic or steel pipes. Check the vent pipes as well, noting the materials of these pipes.

Lubbock Real Estate Inspection

Heating System:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the heating system, noting the type of system, the system fuel and the condition of the system. If the house has an oil tank, note its location.

Our professional home Inspectors inspect the house duct system and whether the duct system has adequate installation. Note the heat source and its condition.

 Chimney Inspection:

If the house has fireplaces, note their condition. 

Air Conditioner:

Our professional home Inspectors inspect that what type of air conditioning is present in the house and what is its condition.


Our professional home Inspectors inspect If your basement is finished, inspect once it rains. It’s tougher to discover cracks and leaks in a finished basement as a result of the walls and floor are coated.

Once it rains, check for wet spots within the carpet, particularly within the corners of your basement. Additionally provide your walls a sniff periodically.

If you discover a musty smell, you will have mildew behind your walls. If you believe a bigger drawback, call an expert to inspect about the problems.

The inspection list giving you the information about the importance of the inspection. And you can suppose now what are the benefits can give you a home inspectionLubbock Real Estate Inspection

Lubbock Real Estate Inspec

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